Cracked Heat Exchanger

The following photos show a cracked  heat exchanger on a residential gas unit. A leaking heat exchanger can allow poisonous Carbon Monoxide to enter your home or building. Many realize that too much of this gas can be fatal. Gas Supply Companies Recommend Yearly Inspections for this reason. One can suffer headaches, dizziness, and vomiting when exposed to carbon monoxide.

The customer wanted another opinion so I explained to him that I needed to pull the top off the unit to examine it correctly. I have seen cracked  heat exchangers before!

This particular model shown below typically has problems with cracked heat exchangers. This heating and cooling unit is 17 years old. I circled the 2 cracks with a marker.

Heating season is just around the corner it’s very important to have a heat tune up done for this reason. If you have not had your gas furnace unit inspected recently, call us. We are always here to help.

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Michael Poeske

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