R 22 Refrigerant For Year 2020

The availability for R 22 Refrigerant for year 2020 will change. Also known as R 22 Freon, it will no longer be produced or imported next year. What does that mean for Prescott, Arizona area customers? Plenty, but don’t panic! Let me explain:

First of all, there is plenty available right now. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency labeled R-22 as a CFC and this phase out has been going on for the last few years. The replacement is R 410-A which is chlorine-free.

Will the cost of R 22 Refrigerant go up? Probably. Not only the cost of the Freon, but other questions come up. The age of the air conditioner and if it can be retrofitted. Customers ask if they need a new one or if they can continue to use R 22 Freon.

Newer cooling systems will not be affected but older systems will. This also brings into the question of the type of cooling unit you have currently.

At Mountain Air LLC, we believe in giving you the facts. Not over pricing the cost of R-22, or to convincing you to buy a new heating and cooling system. Our goal will be to always explain to the customer what their choices are, and help them make the right one. 928-460-5047

r 22 refrigerant for year 2020 mountain air llc

Michael Poeske

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