Room Addition Too Hot or Cold

Is your room addition too hot or cold? All around the Prescott area are older homes that have been added on. Sometimes the furnace and AC were not configured properly. Building a room addition today, we are faced with the same question: “Can the existing equipment handle the additional cubic feet?” Sometimes it cannot. Also, tapping into the existing ductwork and adding vents can prove unfeasible. With the amount of remodeling it can take, this can turn into an expensive restoration project.

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A ductless split system can be a solution for this. This self-contained unit can be provided and installed affordably. With quick heating and cooling abilities, your room can be controlled. With its own thermostat, you can decide when and how much energy you use.

See photos below of our Mitsubishi ductless system. If your room addition is too hot or cold, let us check it out. There is no obligation and our quotes are always free. 928-460-5047

room addition too hot or cold mountain air llc 2
room addition too hot or cold mountain air llc

Michael Poeske

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